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how to get the right candidate for the job

There's nothing like finding a unicorn candidate. For many HR team members, finding the perfect candidate for an open job seems like a dream. There are many open job openings and only a handful of candidates who fit the bill.

Although it may seem like a fantasy, hiring an employee that ticks most, if not all, of your boxes is feasible. A majority of businesses need to recruit appropriately. Today, we'll talk about how you can find the perfect candidate for the job and not resort to methods that will cost you the earth.

how to get the right candidate for the job
how to get the right candidate for the job

Tips for Finding the Right Candidate for the Job

Most of the time, finding your perfect candidate boils down to the process. When you fine-tune your recruiting process and identify the best candidate for each role can transform from a dream into reality. Here are some critical suggestions for optimizing your recruitment process.

Create a Stellar Job Description

The initial step to a thriving traditional recruitment method is a clear job description/job advertisement. Before creating your job advertisement, ensure you know exactly what you'll need from the new employee. What tasks will they be taking on? Are they have to work full-time or part-time? What metrics should they assist in filling? Once the HR team has reached a consensus, then it's time to get working.

A good job description should have the right personality, be professional, and be filled with accuracy and openness regarding all aspects of the job. Tell applicants precisely what they'll do to ensure that expectations are clearly stated from the beginning. If you can provide starting salaries, make sure you do it. Many experienced applicants are immediately dissuaded because of the low income, as it's generally a sign of low pay. Hitting these boxes will appeal more to qualified candidates--including the one that's a perfect fit.

Source to Meet Your Need

If you need help or the position warrants it, do not blindly post your ad on every popular job site. The pool of talent you have could grow, but the quality of the candidates you'll be affected. Choose your job aggregators with care and pay attention to the factors they focus on. PandoExchange is our own. PandoExchange can allow you to connect to an exclusive network of sites that can drive superior applicants to your job.

Remove Bias and Use AI Software

Background checks and the screening of resumes can be time-consuming. There's a lot more danger in screening than first appears. In the beginning, biases in the recruiting process can lead to top talent being removed from the process and may damage your organization's image.

In the latter portion of the hiring process, interviewers could also be the source of bias in humans. A recent Forbes study found that about 60% of interviewers make their choice in the initial 20 mins of an interview before the candidate has shown to the person interviewing them who they are.

To avoid this, train your recruiters to ignore irrelevant personal information -- and keep them updated regularly. This will eliminate biases during interviews and screening your resume for the first time.

Recruiting using AI tools such as resume screening software and remote interview programs may also help to remove bias. Human bias disappears completely when specific tasks are replaced with AI software for recruiting. In addition, artificial intelligence's versatility allows it to adopt an even more sophisticated approach to tasks, develop as it works and gather data to provide to the HR team.

Source Passive Candidates

If you're looking to tap into opportunities that need to be utilized, passive candidates pose a significant risk and have a hefty reward. Attracting passive candidates to your business requires more resources as they aren't actively looking for work and, therefore, likely won't see your advertisements or other advertising. The company must research the candidates and then contact them directly. Direct contact will convince the applicant that they're worth all your effort and will help hook them right from the first email.

This is worth the extra expense. Training that is less skill-based is required for passive candidates, which helps offset the higher cost of sourcing. Candidates who respond and are accepted into the fold are better talents with excellent experience and workplace skills.

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